Robotic Lawnmowers

Robotic LawnmowersThe installation process for a robotic lawnmower depends on if you decide to install yourself or purchase a professional installation.

Process of a professional installation

We are Husqvarna Automower Authorised installation specialists

- You will need to make contact via our contact page or call us on 0151 609 0652
- We will briefly discuss the Lawn size and shape etc
- Arrange a site visit to view your lawn (FREE of Charge)
- We provide a written quote
- Quote accepted and installation date set
- Robotic Lawnmower Installation is completed

Its that easy you now have a perfectly cut lawn all of the time!

Brief discussion 

We will need to get some contact details from you, name, address, email and telephone number. A few questions will be asked about your lawn but we don’t  expect you to no the exact size or the gradient of slopes so no need to worry if your unsure about this. This is also your chance to asked us any questions about Robot Lawnmowers. We can arrange the site visit during this call as well if you wanted.

Site Visit / Survey 

Some of this may be done via satellite mapping. Our technician will spend as much time as necessary to explain how the robot mower could help you, how it would operate, and a rough plan will be formulated of how the installation will look and how it will work. We allow plenty of time for this stage to allow measurements to be taken and to allow us to understand all of your requirements, including various optional extras available for each machine.

Our installation team will answer all of your questions at this point plus any subsequent queries by telephone or email.  We ensure that the robot lawn mower will be compatible with your garden, and you know what will happen and what you will get.

Once we understand your needs, and you understand what the robot can do for you, we will design an installation that works – our technicians have extensive experience of many garden scenarios and we haven’t been beaten yet.

The Quotation

Once we have gathered the information we require we then provide a written quotation; this will include our recommendation for suitable machines, a price for each, including installation. we may also list accesories that you might want as well as any recommendations for changes to your lawn to make a Robot Lawnmower work more efficiently.

We can also quote for the machine plus installation materials only, if you wish to self-install..

From here on, the ball is in your court – there will be no pressure to purchase. If and when you decide an Automower is for you, an install date will be agreed.

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