Within our very busy workshop, we also offer blade sharpening for a wide range of tools such as lawnmower rotary blades, cylinder lawnmower blades (up to 30" wide), chains, hedgetrimmers, shears, secateurs, axes and chipper blades.

We have precision cylinder grinder, hand held and bench sharpening grinders and a complete range of sharpening wheels in order to sharpen all types of garden equipment and machinery.

Cylinder lawn mower sharpening

At The Lawnmower Company we can sharpen lawn mower cylinders up to 30 inches using our precision express dual cylinder grinder. We also have a separate grinder specifically designed for sharpening the bottom blades of QX cassette mowers (Qualcast, Suffolk Punch, Atco, Allett, AJAX, Ransomes, Lloyds, Suffolk Colt, Webb). When sharpening your cylinder mower, we will also set the blades.

Rotary lawn mower sharpening

We also sharpen rotary lawn mower blades, and we will also balance the blade to make sure there is minimum vibration, as vibrations could loosen the internal structural bolts, and tend to accelerate engine wear.

Chain sharpening

Our workshop technicians will inspect the chisel teeth on the chain and grind the teeth back to it's original setting. We will also check the depth gauge to make sure the chain will perform effectively. We can also make up new oregon chains if the original chain is at the end of its life.

Hedgetrimmer sharpening

we can sharpen all types of hedge trimmers including, petrol hedge trimmers and electric hedge trimmers, single-sided and double-sided hedge trimmers

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