Echo HC-2020 Lightweight hedge trimmer (NEW)

SKU. HC-2020

Echo HC-2020 Lightweight hedge trimmer

he HC-2020 is a double blade hedge cutter with a low emission 21.2cc, professional grade engine. It features double-edged Japanese cutter blades for long lasting sharpness and smooth trimming, and has an effective cutting length of 534mm.

Lightweight and extremely well balanced, the HC-2020 is ideal for homeowners and light-use professionals.

A range of features including  longer, heavy duty, professional grade cutter blades  and double reciprocating blades provide an exceptionally clean cut. The HC-2020 has a filtration system and cooling air intake from recoil cover, allowing the engine to run cooler with no blockages.  A vertical fuel filler neck allows for easier refuelling.

Engine displacement-21.2cc
Fuel tank capacity-0.39 litres
Rotating Handle-No
Cutter type-Double
Cutting length-534mm
Cutter pitch-35mm
Cutter clearance-Adjustable
Weight (Dry)-4.6kg

RRP. £315.00

Our Price. £279.00

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