Echo PB-8010 Backpack power blower (NEW)

SKU. PB-8010

Echo PB-8010 Backpack power blower

The PB8010 is the most powerful and biggest backpack blower from the Echo range. 
This Echo blower is the perfect powerful leaf and debris blower ideally for commercial operators, prosumers and local authorities.
Powered by a 79.9 cc power boost 2 stroke petrol engine, it generates a maximum air flow of 94.5m/sec whilst maintaining power and durability with fewer emissions than a normal 2 stroke machine. This machine features a design that is lightweight with 5 anti-vibration springs, and heavy-duty odour resistant backpack straps, prioritising the user's comfort .
 The user can lock the throttle in numerous settings via the throttle with cruise control, and the patented anti-wear metal ring minimises wear and tear on the pipe. Heavy-duty pleated paper main filter plus foam pre-filter are added for superior filtration in dusty environments, making this blower the perfect machine to rid debris and leaves in any surrounding.
Engine displacement 79.9cc
Dry weight* 11.2kg
Output 4.2kW
Air volume 1818m3/h
Maximum air speed 94.5m/sec

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