Efco 8061 Electric Grass Trimmer (NEW)

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Efco 8061 Electric Grass Trimmer

Put the finishing touches to your lawn by trimming right up to lawn edges and fence lines with the Efco 8061 electric strimmer.

The grass trimmer is powered by a 600W electric motor with a thermal cut-out to prevent damage in case of overheating.

The 22mm diameter bent shaft is fitted with a  comfortable 'loop'-style handle and practical and convenient 'Tap&Go' nylon line head. The dual 1.65mm diameter line is spooled out by simply bumping the cutting head on the ground, minimising interruption to your work when you need to advance new cutting cord.  The cutter head guard prevents debris flying in the user's direction and also makes it easy to guide the machine precisely over the ground to be tidied.

The Efco 8061 is perfectly balanced thanks to the rear-mounted motor, and is incredibly lightweight at just 3.2kg.



Brand: Efco
Power Watts: 600W
Output Voltage / Frequency: 120-230V / 50-60Hz
Cutting Diameter: 105mm
Nylon Line Head: Tap&Go twin line
Line Diameter: 1.65mm
Shaft Diameter: 22mm
Handle Type: Loop
Harness: Optional
Sound and Noise Data: Sound pressure: 86dB(A)
Power level: 95dB(A)
Vibration: Lh: 5.4m/s² / Rh: 3.1m/s²
Weight: 3.2kg

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