Efco MT 4100 SP Petrol Chainsaw – 41cm Bar (NEW)

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Efco MT 4100 SP Petrol Chainsaw – 41cm Bar

DIY is an important part of modern life, providing a cheap and effective method of home improvement and providing frustrated office workers across the world with a chance to escape from the tyranny of never-ending paperwork. Given this essential societal role, it is important that enthusiastic DIY-ers have access to tools capable of getting the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. Efco’s MT 4100 SP is a petrol powered chainsaw which fits this description nicely, combining a variety of user-friendly features with a hi-tech Microlite® guide bar designed to ensure greater efficiency, enhanced cutting safety and improved lubrication, making it perfect for all DIY applications.

The principle advantage that this Microlite® technology bestows is its low weight, low vibration and low kickback design, providing much greater levels of control while cutting (and thus reducing the risk of ending up with a slightly wonky spice rack, or a shed door which, while largely functional, doesn’t seem to close properly on damp Thursday afternoons). This guide bar, when combined with a .325” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain and the impressive power supplied by the hardworking 39.0cc two-stroke petrol engine at the heart of this machine, means that the MT 4100 SP is happily capable of taking on even tough cutting work with consummate ease.

We’ll actually linger on the aforementioned engine for a little longer, because as well as offering reassuringly smooth running power it also features Efco’s clever ‘Burn Right’ technology, which optimises the combustion process for enhanced performance, reduced particle emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Along with the inclusion of a handy ‘Easy On’ system (incorporating an easy access recoil starter, an electronically controlled digital coil and a primer bulb), this clean burning system makes the MT 4100 SP just as satisfyingly user-friendly as it is impressively effective.

Other convenient features boasted by the MT 4100 SP include an automatic chain oiler system, a labour-saving side-mounted chain tensioner and an easy access filter cover, each of which helps to ensure easy maintenance and thus consistently exceptional performance. With its lightweight and compact build (only 4.2kg) and easy access controls (with a single multifunction control lever featuring on-off, half-throttle and choke control devices), using the MT 4100 SP is also reassuringly intuitive, so even less experienced users will soon find themselves working like an old-hand.

Moreover, Efco’s legendary build standards mean that only sturdy, high quality components (including a two-ring piston, a nickel engine cylinder, and a forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft) are used in the construction of the MT 4100 SP. This tough little chainsaw is therefore magnificently durable, and happily capable of offering years of exceptional service even when faced with tough cutting work. Any true DIY enthusiast, then, would do well to have Efco’s MT 4100 SP to hand when taking on the most challenging home improvement projects.


Engine/motor: 39cc with Easy On  
Power source: Petrol/oil mix  
Bar length: 41cm  
Chain:0.325" x .050” with chain tensioner
Fuel tank: 0.32 -litres  
Oil tank: 0.22-litres  
Oil pump: Yes  
Weight: 4.2kg  
Warranty: 2-year  
Weight 7 kg
Bar Length: 41cm

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