Toro 51581 Ultra blower vac (NEW)

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Toro 51581 Ultra blower vacProducing an air speed of 402km/h, this infinitely variable speed, electric blower vacuum has a metal impellor reducing debris at a ratio of 16:1.

The 1450 watt electric motor provides a maximum air speed of 402km/h for tackling the toughest lawn chores; but sometimes too much power will only create a mess. Lower speeds are ideal for use on hard surfaces and in tight areas.
The serrated metal impeller blade shreds leaves at a maximum ratio of up to 16:1, passing debris into the 53 litre collection bag fitted with shoulder strap. Operator use is eased by the Comfort-Control Grip Handle.

Converting your blower into a vacuum has never been easier. After removing the blower tube, simply hook the vacuum tube into the front of the housing and pull up until it snaps securely into place.

The unique fan design reduces clogging and improves the vacuuming flow rate, resulting in better vacuum performance.


Motor 12.0 amps
Speed control Infintely variable
Air speed Max/low 250mph/100mph
Shoulder bag volume 53Lts
Leaf shredding reduction 88%
Weight 3.8Kg
Metal serrated impeller

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